Decoded Slug: Interrogative particle 'hở'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Interrogative particle 'hở'

Interrogative particle 'hở'

Short explanation:

Used to form question sentences in a very casual and informal way.


Simply place 'hở' at the end of a sentence to turn it into a casual question.


Bạn đang đi chơi hở?
So, you are going out, huh?
Hôm nay là thứ hai hở?
So today is Monday, right?
Cậu thích ăn pizza hở?
You like pizza, huh?
Chúng mình đều học cùng trường Đại học Oxford hở?
So, we both go to Oxford University, huh?

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese interrogative particle 'hở' is used at the end of a sentence to change a statement into a question. It is informal and most commonly used in spoken language and in familiar relationships. It could be compared to the English tag questions 'isn't it', 'aren't you' and so on, but with a much broader use.

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