Decoded Slug: Quantity word 'mấy'

Vietnamese Grammar Point
Quantity word 'mấy'

Quantity word 'mấy'

Short explanation:

Used to ask about the small, unspecified number or amount.


Subject + Verb + (Object) + 'mấy' + Noun


Bạn có mấy cuốn sách học tiếng Hàn?
How many books do you have about learning Korean?
Anh ấy có mấy cái áo sơ mi?
How many shirts does he have?
Trường Đại học của chúng ta có mấy khoa?
How many departments does our university have?
Bữa cơm hôm nay có mấy món?
How many dishes are there in today's meal?

Long explanation:

The Vietnamese word 'mấy' is a quantifier used to inquire about a small, unspecified number or amount, typically between 2 and 9. It's equivalent to 'how many' or 'a few' in English when talking about small numbers. However, it should be noted that 'mấy' is only used in informal settings or when the numbers are not too important to be exact.

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